Many reseller partners have found the last few months challenging. At a time when their own businesses have encountered difficulties, they may have struggled to address the problems faced by their customers. We’re utilising a number of new Cisco initiatives to support these partners, says Russell Blackburn, EMEA VP, Comstor.

Cisco has traditionally been perceived by the market as a vendor for large enterprises. Channel partners and end users often believed that Cisco’s solutions and pricing excluded smaller businesses, preventing them from taking advantage of Cisco’s industry-leading technologies.

To address this, Cisco has built a dedicated portfolio of solutions and services specifically designed for the small business. And at Comstor, we’ve developed an easy-to-understand go to market to support this portfolio.

Security in the pandemic

The COVID-19 outbreak has had a powerful impact on the security of businesses as cyber criminals take advantage of the disruption. According to a survey by the Centre for Internet Security, 26% of IT leaders have seen an increase in the volume, severity and/or scope of cyber-attacks since mid-March.

Small businesses are especially vulnerable, as many don’t have the resources or security infrastructure in place to ensure their employees and end points are secure and don’t pose unnecessary risk to the business.

Pain point, solution, promotion

In response to these customer challenges, Cisco has introduced a series of sales motions built on ‘pain point, solution, promotion’ to help small and growing business customers. We have incorporated their core messaging into our own supporting programmes to bring the initiatives to the channel.

In addition, we’re offering a unique marketing enablement programme from Cisco called Radius Digital. This enables partners to develop automated webinars to showcase their technical expertise, offerings and product knowledge to increase their sales pipeline of small businesses.

These initiatives follow hot on the heels of ‘Comstor Cosmos’, a channel campaign that highlights to partners the most appropriate, profitable and best value solutions available.

Showing our support

These initiatives show our commitment to the channel during these unprecedented times. We’ve worked closely with Cisco to adapt and deliver their own initiatives and take them to the channel to enable partners in the security and small business sectors to help their customers in the best way possible.

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