With cyber security paramount in 2020, here is #6 of our top seven trends to watch out for. 

6. DevOps security becomes mainstream

With digital transformation, businesses are looking to use digital strategies to enhance their value. Part of this means changing the way we write code, part of it is changing the way infrastructure should be built and deployed. Deploying faster, scaling up and down quickly.

As such, DevOps is already more mainstream than it was three years ago. When you write code in containers, the code is more nimble, allowing for faster innovation.

Every next generation SaaS provider is writing their code base using these technologies. As this matures, we realise that – as with anything new and powerful – there’s a need to secure it, and container security becomes more mainstream.

Palo Alto Networks recently acquired Twistlock, which confirms that this market is coming, and customers have started building these types of applications.

We are in a critical phase where the application construct has become accepted. It is now the security construct, and the understanding of what goes into securing has begun.

By 2020-21 this type of security construct will become part and parcel of a security overlay in a container-based environment.

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