With cyber security paramount in 2020, here is #3 of our top seven trends to watch out for. 

3. IoT point solutions gain momentum, paving the way for a broader market

We’re still waiting for the huge explosion in IoT security. It’s a buzzword, but we’re yet to see large-scale adoption by closed systems into securing their assets.

IoT deals with cyber-physical systems that are engineered to orchestrate sensing, computation, control, networking and analytics to interact with the physical world (including humans). The security risks are both physical and cyberside.

But OT is a foreign concept to many IT security vendors and the security postures are different. Solutions vary between specific verticals and use cases due to the nature of implementations. Unique point solutions to solve these problems are being adopted now, but the larger market will follow.

Many of these large-scale systems have started moving to modernise them, which is making them more IT-centric than OT-centric. So, they are using fewer proprietary protocols and, instead, moving to more traditional protocols.

I believe that inflection – I’ll call it IoT 2.0 – is just coming into play, where you replace old, traditional PLCs with more modernised controllers. They want more data from the machines they’re controlling, but at the same time you’re bringing more traditional IT security into those controllers.

There is still a long way to go before we get a homogenised IoT solution, but the market for point products solving specific problems is here to stay.

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