Simon Thompson, Senior Vice President of Global Accounts, explains how the Global Deployment Solutions team take the pain out of even the most complex, multinational deployments.

As end user demands change and globalisation increases, Global Solution Providers must find a way to deliver global reach, expertise, agility and access to international markets in order to serve and retain customers. But anyone that’s done business overseas knows that international trade is not without its pitfalls. Global deployments are difficult and complex, and there are so many things that can go wrong.

Our unrivalled expertise in Global Deployment allows us to provide a unique service that our Global Solution Providers really value. From expert and integrated fulfilment to data intelligence and innovative technical services, our end-to-end solutions drive results, help our global partners to serve their customers, and maximise profitability.

Experts in the field

Deploying to around 80 different countries worldwide for over ten years, Westcon-Comstor was the first IT distributor on the market to accept the challenge of global deployment. From experience, we’ve mastered the many challenges that come with the territory: complexities like compliance, tax, import and export duties, embargoes, vendor restrictions, and different business cultures.

These complexities are often misunderstood among customers, who underestimate the impact they can have. In reality, navigating these issues can make the difference between making margin or not. Local regulations and cultural quirks can delay or prevent deployments, import tax and duties can wipe out profit, and a lack of compliance can risk fines, seizures, investigation, loss of market import, or even imprisonment.

We are a safe pair of hands, managing risk and abiding the international rules of deployment. We focus on what’s best for our customer, and in turn theirs, by assessing the easiest, quickest to revenue and most profitable route, and executing in record time.

Technical services

We are increasingly working with Global Solution Providers in emerging markets to deliver comprehensive solutions that deliver added value. Many Global Solution Providers aren’t flexible or agile enough to meet the needs of their customers themselves, so we proactively engage at the start of projects, involving our solutions architects in order to provide innovative end-to-end solutions involving services that alleviate their pain points.

For example, our financial and legal services support Global Solution Provider’s businesses with harmonised global pricing, tax optimisation and recovery, DDP shipment, and leasing or CPE as a service. Our business services extend their scope, skill and reach via SLAs and Ts&Cs, a consolidated single supplier, a single point of contact, global reporting and infrastructure migration. Our compliancy services ensure authorisation, regulatory obligations and reduced exposure to risk via export and import regulation management and environmental compliance (WEEE, carbon emissions, packaging). And our operational services help manage the project end-to-end by providing concierge models, lifecycle management, reverse logistics, aggregation and finished goods and staging, strategic stocking, configuration and project co-ordination.

Distribution with a difference

We’ve built a fantastic offering in Global Deployment Solutions, providing something really unique for our customers. We like to say we work for a distributor, but we don’t do distribution – we are distribution with a difference, we are entrepreneurs.