Digital transformation has affected every aspect of life in some way, shape or form and, naturally, some sectors and enterprises are harnessing the potential of digital more than others. Today our supply chain relies heavily on digital technology to ensure accuracy, delivery and optimisation, but how does it create value for our partners?

Efficiency and optimisation have always been fundamental to logistics, but the application of technology is now bringing real benefits for partners across the supply chain beyond productivity gains, increased performance and cost reduction.

We now need integration with partners to give real-time data, inventory visibility and zero-touch provisioning so their solutions get deployed even more quickly and accurately. Automation reduces administration and manual tasks, which minimises errors and enables us to focus on value-added tasks and processes that put our partners first.

This is critical because the way technology is consumed and procured is changing. Subscriptions, licences and consumption billing are the new norm. Our investment in tools and technologies ensure partners can adapt to this increasingly software-driven world. Vendors can go to market and scale their business, and resellers can transact easily, stay profitable and meet customer expectations.

That’s why collaboration is as important for supply chain as it is for sales. Improved forecasting accuracy in real time from multiple data sources drives integrated business planning processes that are responsive and flexible. It makes us more efficient, but transactions are also quicker and more accurate for our partners, reducing time to revenue.

This is an exciting time for the supply chain. By being lean, fast and agile, we’re delivering the outcomes our partners need – even as preferences, requirements, and the digital economy continue to evolve.