At Westcon-Comstor we believe there’s a direct correlation between learning and realising the potential and value of IT. With 70% of all IT spend not meeting its functional goals or delivering the expected return on investment, investing in people with training reduces project failure, increases user adoption and maximises return on investment.

Technology isn’t just about servers or devices, software or platforms, it’s about how these items are used by people to successfully deliver the required outcome.

Technology without people isn’t productive. Even in the expanding era of the Internet of Things, there’s a human element to every interaction. If they don’t use it, it’s not worth it.

Don’t forget to focus on people

Many businesses invest in technology as if people are an after-thought. The focus is on the solutions rather than on the outcomes. All too often new products or services are purchased and rolled out without much-needed support or training.

Features go unused and licence fees rack up. Worst of all, users just turn the technology off. That’s a big issue when the customer is paying for cloud-based, as-a-service applications and functions.

Achieving outcomes means more spend

This has implications for resellers and service providers as well. As technology solution providers, you want to make sure your customers are effectively using and adopting your solutions.

When customers achieve their business outcomes with your solution, they’re likely to spend more with you, so it’s in your interest to make sure they’re realising the full potential of their solutions and achieving their ROI.

So what’s the best way to ensure this? Invest in a robust learning and development strategy to ensure they have the knowledge, support and resources they need. Here at Westcon-Comstor, we see the direct impact of investing in education on company and customer success every day.

Our own research shows that investing just 15% of your product investment in training typically results in significant reduction in IT project failure and a higher ROI on your IT investment.

Driving adoption benefits everyone

What makes training unique when it comes to driving adoption is that it’s ‘one-to-many’. Training can reach a wide audience, whether it’s instructor-led training in a classroom, virtually or onsite, or digitally on-demand.

Customers can send any number of their people to an instructor-led course, or provide training to their whole workforce with an on-demand digital learning strategy.

This ‘one-to-many’ reach makes education perfectly suited to make the biggest impact on adoption. The more people that are trained, the greater the influence on engagement and adoption.

Discover how training can drive adoption for you and your customers.