The debate about whether the industry will move from a traditional license-and-maintenance model to a subscription-based model is long over. With Cisco shifting increasingly to software and subscriptions, partners must evolve too, or risk being left behind. Tom Saunders explains how Comstor is ideally placed to help you make the most of the opportunity.

People now expect the same flexibility and convenience in business as they enjoy with their consumer technology. We’ve seen in the previous article how Cisco is already moving swiftly in this direction, and you can now offer Webex, AMP, DNA and Umbrella on a subscription model.

With digitisation and cloud, customers can pay a monthly fee and try different products and services more easily. With less up-front cost of paying for products outright, recurring offers are lighter weight, more flexible and more customer friendly, pairing nicely with cloud-based service offerings.

But moving to recurring offers can be a challenge. Shifting from Capex to Opex requires resource, investment and will, as well as the support of a digitally enabled distributor.

Superior sales enablement

At Comstor, we help you make the transition smooth and successful by providing value-added services, business intelligence, sales enablement and marketing support.

We educate your engineers and sales teams to help them understand how they can make as much – or even more – with recurring offers. And our Cisco-centric approach and long history of enabling partners in the world of Cisco means we have the expertise and resources to provide the high-touch approach partners need to succeed.

Ensuring IT adoption

We help land customers by migrating them across from traditional perpetual models onto the latest digital offer. We then help make sure customers experience their desired outcomes by adopting all the features and benefits of their IT investment.

This helps us explore and identify any cross- and upsell opportunities. Lastly, and most importantly, we have efficient and robust renewals processes to give you the best possible chance of a renewals sale – your springboard to predictable recurring revenues.

Unrivalled annuities capabilities

But where we stand head and shoulders above our competitors is our annuities capabilities. Credit is the lifeblood of partners, and we can transact in a way that precisely mirrors how Cisco CCW works, and in a way that will only impact your credit facility in line with scheduled periodic payments. No longer will your credit be used up all upfront, all in one go.

Your success drives everything we do. This means being the fastest to deliver the services you need. Being profitable, working together to reach your goals and deliver business outcomes. Bringing you recurring revenue streams for predictable cash-flow, lower cost of sales and increased customer loyalty.

Recurring offers present an opportunity too good to miss. Visit our website to find out more about our Software and Services offerings.

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