Our learning, support and professional services are one of the reasons why we won Palo Alto Networks’ Global, EMEA and JAPAC Distribution Partner of the Year awards for 2020. Services can extend in-house capabilities, reduce costs and deliver customer success with Palo Alto Networks – as these two partner success stories show.

Bespoke is best for a global energy business

A multi-national aluminium and green energy business with operations in 50 countries needed a standard monitoring and incident response service. Our partner, one of the largest communication technology companies in the world, offered a standard support package. It was more than the end customer needed and out of scope, so they turned to Westcon for a bespoke package.

Using our experience and expertise as a Palo Alto Networks ASC Elite partner, we supplied a Proactive Care package including device monitoring, administration and support services for 150 Palo Alto Networks devices in high availability across 40 countries.

By providing the tailored monitoring solution the end customer needed, our partner maintained its contract and close relationship as a trusted advisor. The end user experience was exceptional, the solution was fit for purpose, and the outcome beneficial to all.

Tailored training drives cloud adoption and SASE expertise

As cloud adoption and digital transformation accelerates due to the pandemic, cloud-enabled customers are experiencing an influx of new security requirements. They need to protect their cloud applications and give their users secure access to the cloud. Against this background, our partner – a global service provider – needed to train their workforce in SASE cloud security to meet this new requirement from their end customers.

Thanks to our strategic partner relationship, we provided a bespoke virtual instructor-led learning solution remotely for over 50 engineers around the world to drive success for both the customer’s technical engineer team and Palo Alto Networks. The partner received industry-leading training across multiple territories in a new certification area, and it now has a skilled global workforce with expertise in Prisma Access SASE. Their engineers now have a deeper understanding of how to protect applications, remote networks, and mobile users using a SASE implementation.

With these success stories to show for our partnership with Palo Alto Networks, we are proud to be named Global, EMEA and JAPAC Distributor of the Year Award. These show the value of investing and promoting services to support end user investments, drive IT adoption and increase profitability.

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