A recent vendor survey revealed some interesting reasons why businesses – from enterprises to SMBs – are making the move to cloud communications, from availability to security. John Richardson, Vendor Business Lead EMEA, looks at how UCaaS addresses these new customer needs.

A recent survey by Mitel identified some interesting results for the UCaaS market and partners. It is not a question of “if” but “when” many businesses will shift their communications to cloud-based platforms. This is a key takeaway from the survey into how European companies see cloud-based solutions.

Innovation is at the heart for the adoption of cloud technologies for a large majority of respondents. The pay-as-you-use model addresses the needs of businesses for flexibility, innovation, collaboration and, in particular, business agility.

SpokingPolls surveyed 1,003 corporate executives to understand their reasons for moving from a traditional on-site model to a cloud phone system. The respondents included CIOs and CTOs (69%) with the remainder from HR, CEO, CMO and technical roles.

The survey highlighted a number of reasons why UCaaS adoption will continue to take more market share.

1. Maximising availability is a key factor

77% of UCaaS adoption is based on prioritising a single requirement with strong attention given in the survey to maximising availability. Other potential benefits, such as the ability to integrate with existing business applications including CRM tools, are also being considered.

In the survey, businesses migrating to the cloud are technical in approach and also focusing on choosing an OpEx spending model.

2. Enhanced IT security is driving adoption

Security remains a question for businesses considering cloud deployments, and is often flagged by enterprises as a key blocker. The survey reports that this trend exists in SMBs too. The good news is that UCaaS security has proved itself as the technology has matured.

As platforms prove their security credentials, businesses are increasingly confident in using cloud to modernise their IT and communications. Almost a third of companies in the survey have started to virtualise their ICT.

3. Innovation is a driver

Innovation is a key factor in improved user and customer experience. The survey identified that European companies associate cloud technology with innovation. Generally, companies looking for innovation place a lower priority on price and the need to outperform the competition often outweighs budget constraints.

The survey also reports that the technology requested most includes classic functions such as presence, instant messaging and video.

4. The need for specialised support

62% of companies that responded to the survey said that they want to work with a cloud specialist in the sector and to establish a meaningful working relationship.

It is clear that while working with multiple vendors is important to the selection and deployment of communications, businesses prefer to work with a single partner for effective management.

5. Remote and flexible working

41% of the companies had nomadic workers and 14% use distance working. These figures show a strong evolution towards the new working models expected by the employee of today.

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